Home-made Jams and Preserves at Millknock Farm

Selection of Jams available at Millknock FarmWhile staying at Millknock Farm Self-Catering you will notice that from the back of the house a polytunnel and a fruit cage can be seen in the farmyard. We use these to grow a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. We can often offer, free of charge, a selection of fresh, home grown, seasonal vegetables to our guests during their holiday. During the Spring and Summer months this would include lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries, whilst Autumn brings an abundance of apples. The gooseberries, rhubarb, apples, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries that we grow are also used in the making of our own range of jams, which are available exclusively to holidaymakers staying at Millknock Farm Self-Catering. A free sample pot is provided on arrival, with 454g (1lb) jars available to buy for just €3.

A wheelbarrow full of cooking apples at Millknock Farm
The apples at Millknock Farm grow within sight of the front of the self-catering accommodation. The cooking apples (left), are used along with the wild blackerries (below left) that grow in the fields in the making of our Blackberry & Apple Jam. We also grow eating apples (below right), which are available to guests staying during the Autumn months (late September to November) free of charge.
Apples growing at Millknock Farm Self-Catering Wild Blackberries growing at Millknock Farm

Gooseberry bushes laden with fresh fruit at Millknock FarmWe also grow gooseberries (left) and rhubarb (below), close to the apple trees, just over the garden fence from the self-catering accommodation. These are used in the making of our Gooseberry Jam and Rhubarb & Ginger Jam.

Freshly picked rhubarb







Fresh strawberries at Millknock Farm


The strawberries (left) and the raspberries (below) that are used in our jams both grow within sight of the back of the self-catering accommodation. The strawberries are grown in a polytunnel, while the raspberries are grown in a fruit cage to ensure that the wild birds around the farm can't eat them.

Fresh raspberries





All of our fruits are picked and processed by hand, including 'topping & tailing' the gooseberries. This ensures that our Gooseberry Jam is free from stalks and has a beautiful clear golden colour. There are no artificial colours or preservatives added to any of our jams. Just fruit and sugar. The photograph below shows these ingredients about to be mixed in the making of Gooseberry Jam.

Gooseberry Jam in the making

A sample pot of jam is provided as part of your welcome pack on arrival for your holiday at Millknock Farm Self-Catering Accommodation. Let us know in advance if there is one of our 5 different flavours that you would particularly like to try and we can leave it out for you. And, don't forget, at just €3 a pot of our jam would make a unique gift for friends or family on your return from your stay at Millknock Farm Self-Catering.






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